APure Anti-Aging Wonder


Discover younger, more luminous skin with anti-aging wonder. Crafted with a delicate blend of the Oma (a super grade of Shea Butter) Exfoliate dead skin cells, stimulate cellular activity, and rejuvenate new cells.

Osum Marketplace – Showcasing Local Artisans

Sharing one of a kind gorgeous craftsmanship of hundreds of local immensely talented West African artisans. These artisans get an incredible opportunity to not only share their items but also earn a source of income for themselves and families by establishing a sustainable market for their unique items thanks to passionate customers and fans like yourself.


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Discover younger, more luminous skin in days with anti-aging wonder from West Africa! Made with a precise blend of the self-regenerating and healing Oma (super grade of Shea Butter); this product exfoliates dead skin cells, stimulates cellular activity, and swiftly rejuvenates new cells. 100% Oma Supergrade Complex. Clinically proven to erase: Aging signs, wrinkles Stretch Marks Uneven Skin tone

  • An anti aging enriched cream for all skin types
  • It increases the skin tone and texture
  • All natural ingredients
  • Made using Oma Shea (Super Grade Shea Butter)
  • A product of West Africa