African Black Soap its Ingredients and Benefits

Traditionally crafted black soap also known as Anago or Dudu Osun is an incredible all natural soap (cleanser) that has been used in West Africa for hundreds of years. All natural wholesome ingredients such as dried plantain skins, palm leaves, kernel oil, and cocoa powder to name a few are gently hand blended with healing Shea butter. The specific ingredients and ratio used depends on the region, different tribes and communities have adopted their own specific and many times secret blends as well as crafting techniques. With that being said the results is an amazingly effective all natural beauty product without even a drop of harsh chemicals.

How is Black Soap Crafted?
In general black soap is made from the ash of locally harvested leaves and bark, are sun-dried and then roasted in a kettle or pot at a constant temperature, which is important to ensure color, texture and smell. Then water and various oils – palm oil, coconut oil, palm kernel oil (including Shea butter and cocoa pod powder) – are added to the mixture and stirred for at least a day. After that, the natural cleanser is left to set for about two weeks to cure.

The Benefits of African Black Soap
African black soap is a natural source of vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is particularly known to benefit skin by supporting collagen production and helping to keep skin firm and smooth. Vitamin A is also a common ingredient in acne treatments. Vitamin E also supports the tissue structure and helps to moisturize and improve texture and tone. The natural fats found in this soap help to nourish dry skin and allow it to better retain moisture. As a result, skin is more supple and glowing. The antioxidants from the vitamins help to prevent free radical damage which can lead to visible signs of aging.

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