Raw Shea Butter Moist Conditioner

Dudu Osum Raw Shea Butter Moist Conditioner

Dudu Osun Raw Shea Butter Moist Conditioner – Restores Moisture, Prevents Breakage, Detangles and Adds Shine, Moisturizes & protects scalp, and Restore damaged and over processed hair

Say goodbye to the other conditioners full of preservatives and harsh chemicals. This moist conditioner is crafted with wholesome organic ingredients like anti- baterical tea tree oil, healing African neem oil and of course extra raw shea butter to help gently replenish your hair’s natural moisture. Dudu Osum conditioner can help to relieve dandruff, heal itchy or irritated scalp

Product Overview
Product Size: Eight Ounces (8 oz)
Site Number: B10004
Product Type: Beauty (Hair Care – Conditioner)

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So how does it work: Dudu Osun – Dudu Osun items are crafted in West Africa shipping said items is costly. In addition the products are shipped to the United States in a particular way to protect the quality and effectiveness of the wholesome  ingredients, this form of shipping can be expensive and greatly effects the pricing of the products. With that all being said we can still provide you better pricing by the quantity you order

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Other Dudu Osum – Dudu Osun Hair Care Items

Choose from our collection of all natural alternatives to cleanse, moisturize, and gently replenish hair. QAA™ Certified Quality organic ingredients such as dried plantain skins, palm leaves, and cocoa powder to name a few are hand blended to perfection to make every product we offer.


Dudu Osum Herbal ShampooDudu Osum Herbal Shampoo

A simple way to enjoy exquisitely nourished hair. Enriched with an array of certified natural ingredients such as pure honey, shea butter, Osum extract, tea tree oil, neem Oil and aloe vera juice.

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Dudu-Osum-Oil-and-MoisturizerDudu Osum Thera-P Oil & Moisturizer

Carefully blended with entirely natural oils such as shea butter, palm kernal oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, and sesame seed oil. Our Therapy Oil and Moisturizer provide double duty as a natural alternative to not only hair and scalp care but also as a gentle massage body oil

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Dudu-Osum-Braiding-SprayDudu Osum Anti-Itch Braiding Spray

Rich all natural ingredients are released in each silken mist. Not only do braided styles last longer. But it also conditions, moisturizes, eliminates itchy dry scalp, reduces breakage, and provides healthy sheen.

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Dudu Osum Virgin Hair-Gro Cream

Dudu Osum Virgin Hair-Gro Cream

Promote hair growth and restore damaged or over processed hair, all while providing a beauty sheen. Herbal Virgin Hair-Gro Cream is a blend of an array of organic ingredients such as Shea butter and coconut oil blended to perfection.

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