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Choose from our large selection of ethic necklaces, delicately crafted using numerous materials many of which are recycled. Thanks to the craftsmanship of hundreds of local immensely talented African artisans. In turn these artisans get an incredible opportunity to earn a source of income and change the quality of life for themselves and families by establishing a sustainable market for their unique handcrafted items thanks to passionate customers and fans like yourself.
  • Sale! Africa Pendant Necklace

    African Pendant Necklace

    $14.46 $11.81
  • Ivory Bone Necklace(2)

    Bone Necklace ( Kenya )

  • Black Gye Nyame Ghanaian Necklace

    Ghanaian Gye Necklace

  • Island Necklace x Earrings Set

    Island Necklace X Earring

  • Redwood Necklace & Earrings

    Redwood Smooth Disc Necklace X Earrings

  • Ultraviolet Blue Tooth Necklace

    Ultraviolet Tooth Necklace